Once again my inability to mesh successfully with the larger culture's economic realities has caught me flat-footed and blind. Boxed in with no ready exit, no finances, not much prospect. It's a matter of a few days and I'll be choosing between trying to live out of a very small car, under a bridge, or in transition to the Other Side.
I'm old, tired, just got out of the hospital (DVT/May-Thurner), have a job available but without a place to sleep/eat afterward, absent the resilience and drive of younger days, that looks less than promising.
There are families with children in this position, more every day, an exponential rise still not cresting. Knowing that makes this appeal conflicted at best. Why me and not them?
Why not all of us?
If I've done anything of value with the gifts and talents so generously bestowed so often squandered it's been here. For free, sometimes at what's since proved to be great expense.
And so here I am, stage-diving the internet again. If you can help, here's how:

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